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In June 2015, we approached our valued members and fans asking if they would like to share their very best massage stories, each of which would be entered into a competition to win one of 3 SMM memberships. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to send in their stories to us and have been overwhelmed by the number of stories received. Below are our favourite three, each of which wins one of three memberships. (Prizes will be distributed shortly). We have also linked some of our other favourite stories we felt should also receive a mention.

1st Place – Winner – Better Late Than Never
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A link to ‘The Best Of The Rest’ follows the top 3 stories:


“What am I doing here?” The question kept repeating itself in my head as I stood waiting for the entry system to buzz me into the apartment block. I became more nervous as the minutes ticked by. Had I arrived for my massage appointment at the wrong time? Had my chosen masseur cancelled? Had I failed to pick up a voicemail? What was I doing there? Why was I, a 50 year-old married man, waiting outside a central London address to supposedly meet with a masseur whose web-site stated that he offered full body sensual massage to gay, bi or simply curious men?
The answer to all these questions was quite simply that I had booked a sensual massage, out of curiosity – a desire to explore the meaning of male to male intimacy and to experience it – but it seemed my attempt had been in vain. I checked my phone for messages or voice mails. There were none. My appointment time was now almost 10 minutes gone, so I reluctantly turned away from the door and started slowly down the street towards the nearest tube station.
It was then I heard a voice calling my name – “Alex, is that you? I am SO sorry to be late! I am Rafael.” The voice was deep and cut with a thick accent. I turned in the direction of the sound to see a stunningly handsome, tall and well-dressed man rushing towards me, towing two small Dachshunds behind him. He arrived at the doorway and extended his hand towards me.
“Please, I must apologise. My mother, she need me to look after dogs while workmen fix her heating. They will not bother us for the massage. I keep them in separate room. ” His accent made his deep-set voice all the more attractive and his smile brightened up a dull and grey London afternoon. His web-site did not do him justice. His Brazilian good looks were devastating and his demeanour was charming. “Please, come in. So sorry again. I rush to mother’s house and leave my phone at home, so could not call you.”
We climbed the stairs to his second floor apartment and he quickly ushered me into his studio which was meticulously prepared for a massages session. He disappeared briefly after telling me he would give the dogs some water and leave them in his bedroom where they had their own basket! His re-appearance caught me off-guard – he had removed his jacket as we climbed the stairs, but as he entered his studio, he was stripping off his sweater, revealing as he did so, a magnificent chest and six-pack.
“Please have seat. I must shower to be fresh for giving massage. I am so hot from rushing. Please, I leave clothes here. I do not want disturb dogs again.” I nodded my assent. I could hardly speak. He unbuckled his belt and slipped out of his figure hugging jeans. He wore no underwear and as he turned to leave the room I just caught a glimpse of his manhood. I was embarrassed to have looked so deliberately, but I wanted to see what had filled his jeans so wonderfully – low-hanging balls and a long un-cut dick swung gently between thick muscular thighs. I caught myself thinking that I had chosen well after all!
I heard the shower being turned on and he called through to me. “You want shower too? Please join me. It will relax you.” Who was I to turn down such an offer? And I did think that a shower might calm me down a little. Although I had received many therapeutic massages over a number of years, meeting Rafael for the first time, for a sensual massage, had made me nervous and my heart was beating fast.
“Thank you. That would be great.” I carefully took off my clothes and left them beside his discarded sweater and jeans before padding through to the bathroom. My body, which I always thought was in fair shape for a guy my age, paled into insignificance beside Rafael’s. He was a good 6 inches taller than me, and much more muscular. However, he complimented me on my youthful slimness and stood to one side to allow me into the stream of water gushing from the shower. He turned me round so that my back was towards him and gently squeezed some body-wash over my shoulders. His large hands were soon rubbing the smooth liquid into lather all over me. His hands caressed my back and moved round to smooth over my chest and hips. His fingers lingered briefly in my groin and I felt him move closer towards me. It was clear that he was slightly aroused and his hands asserted that my own erection was growing. He turned me round to face him. Seeing his magnificence at close quarters made my loins stir even more, and he began to allow the shower to disperse the lather from both our bodies.
When we were both rinsed off, he grabbed a large towel and enveloped us both in it. Being dried like that, by this smiling god-like man was both stimulating and calming. His reassuring voice and gentleness was just what I needed to calm my beating heart.
“Now, you come for massage. Please, you lie on front first.” He adjusted the head-rest so that I was perfectly comfortable before reaching toward the oil, already warming in a small heater. The first touch of his oiled hands on my back and shoulders was thrilling and I knew I was in the presence of a master. Long flowing strokes worked the length of my back, over my butt and down my legs. He re-positioned himself at the top of the massage table and began to press ever more firmly down the length of my back. I could feel the warmth of his breath on my neck and shoulders as he worked, and I sensed that he was fully engaged in his craft. Although my head was cradled in the head-rest, I could see his feet firmly planted under me. I sensed too that his groin was close to my head. As he moved round to the right of the table, I felt the slight slap of his erection as it caught the end of the table next to my face. Dare I look up? Too late – he had moved down to the mid-section of the table to work further on my lower back, gliding his hands under my ribs with a gentle rocking action and allowing my ever increasing erection some welcome room! My butt received serious attention as I writhed slightly with pleasure. It was then that I felt his own erection in my hand. He left it there for a few seconds before continuing down the table, massaging my thigh and lower leg. I could hear him move round to the other side of the table and he began to work his way up my other leg toward my thigh and butt. Once more his erection was in my hand! This time I closed my fingers round it and marvelled at its girth. Rafael let out a tiny moan, but he did not move away. I was transfixed. I had never touched another man’s penis and had certainly never held an erect one. My own feelings were conflicted. Was I seriously trying to maintain that I was a straight man? What was I doing? But I knew that I was relishing every moment of this encounter.
When Rafael moved away and returned to the top of the table, he once more completed some long lingering strokes down the length of my back, separating my butt cheeks on the downward path and reaching lightly under my ribs on the return. After several blissful repeats of this move, he whispered to me that it was time to turn over. As I began to roll myself over, he gently cradled my head in his hand and supported my neck. He removed the head-rest and placed a small cushion under my head. As I looked up at his beaming smile, his massive erection was reaching out over my forehead. Laying his hand on my chest, he moved slowly down to my side and, with his free hand, began oiling my chest. Two hands were soon enveloping my upper body and he gradually worked down to my groin. My own erection was throbbing and pulsing. As he took it in his hand, I shuddered in delight. Nothing in my experience had ever felt like this. He took my right hand and guided it towards his butt. I caressed its magnificent taughtness and allowed myself the sheer joy of moving my fingers and feeling between his butt cheeks. His ball sack was hanging low and heavy and I could see his smile broaden in pleasure. He took my other hand and led it towards his throbbing member and curled my fingers tightly round it. Taking my cock in his two hands he began to slide his fists over the length of my shaft till I was on the verge of orgasm. He slowed and began to thrust his body slowly against the table so that his cock was slithering in and out of my clenched fist. His head was thrown back and he let out a long soft moan. He thrusted harder and pumped my cock faster. I shuddered and let out a stifled yell, spurting and writhing as I climaxed furiously. And as if by magic of his own making, I felt his warm cum erupt all over my belly. I grabbed for his legs and he fell forward onto my stomach. How long we remained like that I can’t say. But the feeling was fantastic.
When Rafael finally stood up, he thanked me! He was the masseur, but he was thanking me. “You are clever man. Few make me cum like you. You will return for more massages?”
All my conflicted feelings left me. “What am I doing here?” I knew then what I had been doing. I had entered a world of male intimacy. Any lingering doubts as to my sexuality were forgotten. Labels were of no consequence. Here was sensuality of the highest order. Here were two men revelling in their intimacy. Here was male joy in abundance. I would return to my daily life, but I would also return to Rafael.


One of the most fun, sensual massage experiences I have ever had was a group massage exchange. It was about 15 years ago when I was visiting New York. Before I arrived I had searched for masseurs and came across a weekly, men’s massage exchange group. I contacted the group’s leader and then I found myself one evening in South Manhattan climbing a flight of stairs in a commercial building to I didn’t know what.
At the top of the stairs I was warmly greeted by Rob the coordinator of the group and he introduced me to the 3 or 4 guys who were already there. We nodded and waited in silence while others arrived. When anyone spoke it was a whisper but the main thing that I remember was that no one made eye contact with anyone else. By the time the group was to start I was surprised that there were about 20 guys present, of various ages and builds. The evening formally started with all of us standing in a circle introducing ourselves and where we came from. After this Rob broke us into groups of 3. It was explained that one person in each group would be caressed by the other two and their clothes removed. Being new to the group I was the first to be caressed. Instinctively I closed my eyes so I wouldn’t be distracted from the sensations of the other two touching me, first through my clothes then on my skin as they stripped me. Stripping is the wrong word as it felt more as if my clothes were slipped off me. It was a calming, intimate, sensual but not sexual experience. Once I was naked we caressed the next person in our group and I remember focusing on his erogenous areas, his neck, sides, inner and outer thighs with gentle strokes often just using my fingerstpis as we touched and removed his clothes. After repeating this for the third man, the entire room was naked.
The next exercise was for us to stand in two circles, an inner and an outer circle. Rob then demonstrated with one of the guys how to hug a man with your body and not just your shoulders. After that we moved around the circle introducing ourselves to each other and hugging. The intimacy was wonderful. Some people you hugged around the upper back, others the lower back. Always the introduction ended in a smile to each other and sometimes a spontaneous gentle kiss. With some guys as the hug separated we continued to hold hands. One guy I remember hugged me with one arm and grabbed my dick with the other. I presume that he did that with everyone. After the hugging we returned to the single circle, I and most of the guys were sporting erections or half erections.
Next the massage tables emerged. Rob asked for a volunteer to demonstrate massage strokes. I remember that the volunteer was a younger latin guy with a glorious smile. Rob demonstrated the strokes including some genital massage. After that we were invited to form pairs at each of the massage tables. Not knowing anyone I quickly stood by a table waiting for someone to stand by me. A lovely man, about my age and my height (6’4”), John, came and stood by me. Again being new John offered to massage me first. We were encouraged to talk to each other about particular likes and dislikes with being massaged and to offer suggestions to our masseur. Again this was something new to me as I have always taken on the role of a passive (no pun intended) recipient of a massage, good or bad. John used long, firm strokes over my back and legs. I remember starting to melt, then after 10 minutes we were instructed to roll over for the second half of the massage. Again John repeated these delicious long strokes over my body and finished by massaging my cock and balls. Touching of the masseurs was encouraged. During the back massage John allowed his cock to rub against my body and he placed it in my hand so that I could pleasure him as he was pleasuring me. During my front massage I was rubbing my hand over John’s chest, abs or his also hard, cut cock.
After this massage I was both aroused and relaxed. I presumed I was then going to return the favour and massage John but as I was getting off the table it was explained that we moved tables after each massage so after hugging, kissing and thanking John, my first massage as the giver was to someone new. Again this massage started with the conversation with what the person wanted, a 10 minute massage of their back and a 10 minute front massage. For his front massage I spent time massage his abs and thighs and teasing by “accidentally” touching his cock with the back of my hand before properly massaging his cock. I used some strokes that Rob had earlier demonstrated and some strokes that I use when I edge. I remember that the guy had a lot of precum which was fun to feel as I stroked him. As the massage finished and his eyes were opened I licked my fingers before we hugged and kissed.
Next table and I was again massaged. After this Rob announced a break with some food and water. I was feeling relaxed and was sitting on the side of the massage table just stretching and before I could stand up another guy, early 30s, deep dark eyes, great smile, 5 o’clock shadow and lightly haired chest and abs came over to talk. The conversation was inconsequential asking me about why I was in New York, what work we each did and such things. During our conversation we started touching each other, soon I was playing with his nipples and he was playing with my cock as we stood just a few inches from each other. A younger blonde guy joined out conversation and soon we were kissing, laughing and touching each other. It was very intimate and very sexual.
The other thing that changed was that during the break everyone was talking loudly and often laughing. Far more relaxed than the stillness before the evening started. After the break there were two more rounds of massaging. Particularly during the last round of massaging some guys were taken to the point of cumming, you certainly hear and sometimes see the spurts of cum at the nearby tables. I and my final partner enjoyed the touching but neither of us came. My next memory was the end of the evening. It started with another circle and everyone was sporting an erection and smiling. After the circle broke up there was lots of spontaneous hugs and kissing before getting dressed. Everyone wanted to linger in the room and enjoy the intimacy and sensuality of the evening. A few guys clearly paired up and eventually as I left I joined a group of 4 or 5 for dinner at a local café. At the cafe there was a lot of touching and laughing before getting the subway home. Back at my hotel I had a great, calm night’s rest.
I was again in New York a few years ago and this group no longer operates but a group with a different leader with a different style offers weekly men’s massage exchanges.


I surfed the web looking for an erotic massage and came across a great web site detailing various massages available from a man, it was so intriguing that I decided to ask about the 3-hour erotic massage and I received a prompt response that tantalised my imagination. I am a happily married male and at the time was about 63 years of age. He said that some of his clients were 80 years old, so I thought – “why not”. I emailed back that I wanted the 3-hour massage and booked a date and time. I also added that I wanted him to meet me at his door dressed in his sexiest mens’ undies and he was happy to oblige.
I had over an hours drive to his location and made good time so I had time to locate his place and also to have a calming coffee in a cafe. The time came so I drove into his driveway wondering if I was doing the right thing, after all I was outlaying $300 for the pleasure.
He met me at the door dressed only in white cotton briefs clearly showing his manhood outline. He showed me into the parlour where a massage table was laid out. On the wall were a ton of photos of naked men doing all sorts of things with each other, there were also mirrors too. The air was scented with incense and quiet soothing music was playing. He asked if I would like to shower and I said yes. After my quick shower I put on a woman’s g-string – I have a penchant for wearing women’s knickers at night, so I took a daring chance and put the knickers on and walked into the room. This is the first time that I have done this to someone other than my wife. He thought that it looked great. He came over to me and gave me a hug and ran his hands over my back. I kneeled down in front of him at the same time caressing his body. Once on my knees I was level with his cock and I could see that he was hard. i leant forward and wrapped my mouth along his shaft at the same time fondling his buttocks and then I slowly pulled down his briefs slowly exposing his cock and I expected to see his hairless balls – in fact I was quite surprised to see that there was no definite scrotum so i wondered where his balls had gone. A pity really as i wanted his balls in my mouth. Anyway once I exposed his genitalia I immediately took his cock in my mouth and had a little suck. I then turned him around so that i could kiss his lovely bottom. He reciprocated by going down, removing my g string and then proceeded to go down on me engulfing me to the hilt in his mouth. Now I was rock hard and have a 7-inch length so i was totally surprised to be deep throated – never happened to me before. I allowed him to do several long sucks and god him that if he kept that up I would come in no time.
He told me to lay down on the table and commenced massaging my back working his way up and down my body – just soothing strokes with plenty of warm oil. he knew what he was doing as the gentle strokes became firmer working my muscles but in an erotic way. I couldn’t get over the fact that he remained hard the entire time. I was certainly enjoying fondling him and when he was placed at my head I lifted my face and took him in my mouth enjoying a suck. He expertly worked his way up and down my back spending quite a bit of time on my buttocks and up and down the crease touching me on my rosebud – simply wonderful. I asked him to climb onto the table and rub his cock up and down my crease, which he did and then started body sliding. I wash’t a great fan of having his weight on top of me but I enjoyed his cock against my skin. He spent some time working on my feet, which I find incredibly exciting, so i was in heaven at the attention. He hadn’t finished with my back and bottom so I asked him to finger me – he was happy to oblige and I was certainly happy to receive – so pleasurable. After about an hour of back massage he asked me to turn over. I must say that I marvelled at his erection whereas I was soft, then hard, then soft, there was no way that i could maintain an erection. He was not fazed about it and with his ministrations he got me up again.
With me on my back he got to work on my front. I liked the skilful way that he worked my body not necessarily playing with my cock and balls but not touching them, it made it all the more exciting. naturally I was pre-cummng like crazy so i had the chance to reach down and gather some on my fingers and lick it off. My pre-cum is very sweet and I love licking it. He spent some time massaging my balls and an occasional stroke of my cock to bring more pre-cum for me to taste. When fondling his cock I felt his pre-cum on my fingers and I had to lick that off too and found that his pre-cum was not unlike mine. he did go down on me again but must have remembered my earlier warning so it every now and then. I, of course grabbed every opportunity that I could to have his cock in my mouth but I did hunger for his balls – wherever they were!! He allowed me to run my fingers up and down his bottom and even let me probe him – I was in heaven.
He then started to concentrate on my cock and I asked him to finger me again but he said that he had a better idea and the next thing I heard was him opening a drawer and then returning to the table. I felt a dildo being inserted slowly into me. I am no stinger to having dildo inside of me, as I have a few at home. I was glad that he was quite responsible and had a 6-inch dildo that was easy to take. Whilst he worked his magic on my bottom his other hand was stroking me and I could feel my balls tighten and that incredible intense feeling that you are going to ejaculate and ejaculate I did – a gusher. It felt just like an express train came from deep within my body and it is simply an exquisite feeling to feel the cum roaring through my tubes and jetting out onto my tummy and at the same time my rose bud tightening itself around the dildo buried deep inside of me. What an ejaculation – not all of mine have been as intense as that one. After taking quite some time to recover he allowed me to take a shower and on returning to the room to get dressed he told me that i still had 2-minutes remaining if I wanted to carry on – I was done for but I was happy to watch him masturbate. On looking back I regret not asking him if I could masturbate him – but I didn’t. So I was content to watch him stroke himself off and blowing all over the towelling on the table.
I gladly parted with the fee and felt that I might return for another session.
He only avails himself to one client a day and I can see why!!
here’s to the next time.

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