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About Sensual Massage Movies

Sensual Massage Movies originated as part of the web site of Intimacy Matters London’s most established professional sensual massage service for both men and women. Initially the movies were created to show prospective clients what they could expect when receiving a full body sensual massage. From the outset interest in these movies was enormous, clearly identifying that sensual massage was of great interest to many.

As a result of this growing interest it was decided to create this bespoke movie web site to give you the viewer an easier and higher standard of movie experience and to continue to make this high quality creative sensual scenes that has been enjoyed by so many before.

Why make sensual massage movies?

In making these movies our aim is to show the amazing power of intimate touch and the effect of sensual energy being transferred from one individual to another. You like many, may be tired of the mechanised commercial adult material that is freely accessible all over the internet as well as the streams of video clips showing exhibitionist amateurs bumping and grinding for all to see. The sensual massage movies we have made over a period of 10 years offer you something different. Each single movie and 2 part movie has been specifically created to show how intimate sensual touch is given and received. By becoming a member you will be able to watch both 2 hands, 4 hands and even 6 hands massage being given. Some movies tell a story, whereas others are simply created to show you the viewer different elements or sensual and erotic arousal of the human body.

Are the movies sexually explicit?

Yes many of the movies contain scenes of a sexual nature, filmed to be educational. However, we consider these movies to be non pornographic albeit many contain full nudity arousal and ejaculation.

Who is watching Sensual Massage Movies?

We have both male and female members from all over the world from as far afield as the US and Asia, India to South America, Australia and mainland Europe with a massive following in our home base of the UK. Additionally our site statistics show us that over 52% of our male members do NOT define themselves as Gay with 15% defining as straight, 17% as bisexual and 20% as bi curious. So its clear, sensual massage is loved by a diverse set of people of all ages, sexuality and nationality.

There is probably not a heterosexual man alive who when watching an erotic male and female scene turns off just before the ‘money shot’. Does this make him ‘Gay’? Of course not. It is now widely believed in the world of sexual research and sexual psychology that men are programmed to watch other men have sex, as it is nature’s way of ensuring the survival of our species by making men sexually competitive and available at all times and the sight of another male “getting there” triggers the next player to “come on down” to get a chance to secure his genetic line in the race of procreation.

But why do I like to watch men show sensual intimacy to other men?

The answer is with the Bonobos. The Bonobo Chimpanzee uses sexual intimacy for a multitude of purposes. It is renown as being the most sensual of primates, even more so than its closest relative the homosapein, us! The Bonobo uses almost every form of sensual arousal possible with both its male and female contemporaries and like the Bonobo At Sensual Massage Movies we believe that in every human male (and female) is the same need. When a man is intimate with another man it is as much about establishing relationship, pecking order, politics and ensuring safety and security within the group as it is sexual pleasure. Equally the need for intimate touch is an integral part of the human condition and since time for human evolution began some 3 million years ago touch has been one of the primary ways of communication and intimae erotic touch is as much about establishing a bonding trusting relationship as it is to enjoy any sexual pleasure.

Movie Formats:

Our movies are html5 coded and supported by all browsers.

A final message …

There is no doubt that many men enjoy sensual massage when given by another man. This is because it combines both the strength and firmness of real massage and is given in an environment where arousal is understood, often encouraged and performance is not an issue. It is a massage that caters for all sexualities and for those men who are firmly heterosexual, does not necessarily need to be erotically intimate, but can remain sensual and caring.

Should you have any questions or comments, we are always happy to receive feedback on how to improve the Sensual Massage Movies experience. We can be contacted by clicking here