Massage Stories – Best Of The Rest


We had not been very friendly with our neighbors. They were an older fit couple. Nice enough. But after my wife’s accident, they went out of their way to help me and my son before and after her funeral. When I had trouble adjusting my schedule at work to be home earlier, they offered to let my son stay at their place until I could pick him up. Dave’s lawn service started cutting my yard. Carol would always send me and my son home with casseroles and muffins and cookies. We quickly became more like family than neighbors.
Dave put us on his family membership at his gym – so my son and I could go to the gym and use the pool. Jim was in great shape and encouraged me to work out more. Carol often swam with my son, so Dave and I could workout. Eventually, we started going to the gym together before work. I looked forward to the workouts and spending time with him in the steam room before heading downtown to my job. He told me he really liked have a workout buddy. After a few months, we both were in noticeably better shape.
For my birthday – Dave arranged for me to get a massage at the club. It was my first massage from a pro and I really enjoyed the hour of relaxation. Dave said getting a massage was part of his routine for staying fit – and he had gotten pretty good at giving them to Carol as well. He told me he had a friend that was a masseur that he sometimes traded with, and picked up tips from him. I told him if he ever wanted another body to practice on he should just come next door. He asked if I would really be OK with him working on my body – and I told him I definitely would. I confided to him that my massage had felt great but it also made me realize how much I just missed being touched.
A few weekends later Dave helped me lay some concrete pavers in my yard and Carol had taken my son to the zoo for an outing. We finished working and decided to sit on his patio in the shade, have a few beers and listen to the baseball game. We were lounging in hammocks, and I dozed off more than once. I told Dave whenever I drink in the afternoon I always need a nap. He asked if I wanted to try a massage instead of a nap. I said sure – and asked how exactly we would go about this. He said he didn’t have a massage table, and used the bed in one of their spare bedrooms, and warned me that the massage on the bed – might be a little more sensual than the first massage I had, since his body would be in contact with mine on the bed. I told him I’d be fine with that – whatever he is used to doing.
We finished off a few more beers, and then headed inside. Dave told me to take a nice long shower as he needed time to get the room set up and then he’d take a quick shower himself. We met in their spare bedroom, both wearing damp towels. I watched Dave flip off the lights, and turn on some music. There were some LED candles glowing on nightstands. I waited to be told what to do. “Let’s start standing up”. He moved behind me, rubbing my head slowly, pressing into my scalp then releasing. The shower hadn’t done much to dampen my buzz. I zoned out right away. He rubbed my shoulders, then lightly scratched my back. His hands were smoother than I thought they would be. He knelt down. Hands slid up and down on my legs, rubbed the top of my foot, stretched my toes, then slid back up and under my towel, brushed my thighs. Not really massaging, just touching.
Dave was standing again. Arms reached around and fingers lightly cupped my pecs, circled my nipples, rubbed the skin under the hair on my chest, slid down through the lighter hair on my stomach, stopping at my towel. Pressing in he drew circles on my stomach. He walked around to face me. “You OK?” I had really zoned out and his voice snapped me out of it. “Feels great Dave”. “You have a great body to work on, I am really going to enjoy this”. “Thanks Dave, me too”. He loosened his towel, and tossed it over to a chair. I followed his lead.
I was standing naked in front of a man who had become like a father to me, but it did not feel awkward at all. Dave stepped closer with arms spread to hug me. I was surprisingly OK with it. We exchanged a firm hug. Clammy from our showers. The damp hair on his chest pressed against mine. I hugged him back affectionately, and let my hands slide along his back. I inhaled the clean scent of deodorant and soap. It smelled good. It felt good. He pulled away. “ Lets have you lay face down on the bed with your head facing the bottom of the bed.” He had put a large beach towel on one side of the bed. I aimed for that and stretched out.
Dave moved to the edge of the bed, then leaned over my head, pushing on my shoulders and my back, moving his hands around in patterns that seemed routine to him. He definitely knew what he was doing. Everywhere he touched I was aware of soreness then an instant relief. I wondered if I always carried around all this tension. He stopped. The bed shifted and he was kneeling at my side, rubbing oil between his palms. He started pulling and releasing in broad sweeps across my back. I felt his knees pressed against my left side, as he reached across and pulled up on my right side, the stroke ending at my spine. I rolled into his body as he pushed and pulled on me. He repeated the movement again. Then again. He climbed over me, and repeated the same pattern to my left side. “Pressure OK?.” “Pressure is great”.
Dave kneels over me, rubbing my shoulders and my back. Straddling my body, I feel the warmth of his legs against my sides. Dave’s genitals brush against me. He sits on my butt. He seems fine touching me everywhere and letting our bodies touch as well. I am glad he is this comfortable around me. Leaning forward he pushes his arms into my lower back and rises up to put his body weight into it. His oily hands glide to my shoulders. We hear a pop in my upper back as tension releases from that area. “Good pop?” All I could do was moan in response. “I will take that moan as a yes”. He repeats the motion again with even more pressure. Then again. Then follows this with gentler rubbing.
He slides further down the bed, sits below my ass on my thighs. His first touch of my ass is electric and I flinch noticeably. Sometimes I can be such an idiot. “I’m sorry” I blurt out. “Do you want me to skip this part?” he asks. “My glutes could use some rubbing, but you really don’t have to, Dave”. “I know, but I really want to”. I say “Alright” and his hands are on my butt again. I try to relax.
When he kneads into my ass cheeks it hurts, but he follows with lighter rubbing. My hands are at my side, resting near his knees. I think about returning his touch, but I don’t. He is making deep circles on both sides of my ass. He presses deeper, then circles lightly. He ends the stroke sliding his hand down along my thigh, slightly grazing my balls. Behind my closed eyes, fireworks are literally going off in my head. My balls are my most sensitive erogenous zone. Just this one slight touch and I am rock hard. My attention focuses on the direction of his hands – anticipating the contact with my nuts. Knuckles press deeper into my glutes. He is pressing the muscle down into the mattress, then releasing. I want to push his hands down between my legs. Soon he is there for me, teasing my balls and the skin around them. He urges me to spread my legs more, which I gladly do. I know from where he is kneeling he can now see how aroused I am. The beach towel is damp from my leaking pre-cum.
Dave moves, his legs spread over my thigh. He wrings my thigh with both hands. He wedges his fingers under my leg and massages. The back of one hand rests against my nuts. I am in heaven. I have become hyper sensitive to his touch . He kneels by my feet, making long strokes back up my leg. Now he is exploring my foot. Oily fingers weave around each toe, press into my heel. He shifts on the bed, and repeats the same movements on my other side.
He is kneeling again at my side. He leans over and rests both hands on my lower back and pauses. Hands slide down and begin rocking my butt from side to side. My cock is slippery with oil. I shift slightly and lodge my cock under my thigh. My mind wanders to the first time that I ejaculated. It was in this very position, laying in bed. I wasn’t aware of what force was driving me to rub my thigh over my cock like that, I just knew something “down there” felt really good. I was not prepared then for the release that eventually followed. I literally jumped out of bed running to the toilet as the first drops of my semen splashed into my pajamas.
I slide my hand down on the bed toward Dave. This time I do not lose my nerve. I feel his calf and feel the muscles of his hairy leg. I am touching and being touched.
Dave stops rocking my butt and I grind my hips in my own – I do not want this feeling to stop. I am not embarrassed to pleasure myself like this in front of him. I roll my leg against Dave. He slides his fingers over my leg, and finally touches the head of my cock. I arch my butt slightly off the bed, my cock is freed and points to my navel. He cups my balls and he reaches under me stroking the full extent of my cock. I move my hand up his leg to the courser hair of his crotch. When I reach his shaft, he is hard. Now it is his turn to moan as my fingers grip his sex. He stops and pours some oil into my hand, then moves it back to his cock. I stroke him as he adds more oil to his palm before returning to my waiting cock . When his hand moves to my cock head, I do the same. When he teases my balls, I do the same.
Dave releases my cock. He turns his body, making it is easier for me to rub his dick. He puts his hand around mine, and begins thrusting his cock into my fist. My own dick is aching for release, but I am also enjoying him edging me. He releases my hand and pushes on my side. I am confused, then relieved when I hear his voice. “ Sorry to wake you buddy but I need for you to roll over now.”


While the masseur in this story is real, and the massage he gave is described, the four handed massage is a fun piece of fantasy, that I have always wished could happen.
I like to keep fit, I pushbike daily to work and back, gym two or three times a week and bodysurf during summer. I also like to get a massage to sort out the knots in my body and to relax. Once I find a good masseur I like to keep them and treat them like gold, too many times I’ve seen a masseur that was a ‘rub and tug’ and left disappointed after a waste of money. A few years ago my regular masseur left Sydney and I searched the local paper and the internet until I found a guy that seemed to be a good replacement. I spoke to this fellow on the phone and after interrogating him about his training and experience I thought that he was legitimate and arranged a booking in a few days time.
I arrived a few minutes before the appointment. When he opened the apartment door I was not disappointed. He was topless wearing only a pair of loose cotton shorts. Jose was Spanish, from Madrid, and at 6’3”, he was solid muscle with broad shoulders, perfect broad pecs with large dark nipples, a V shaped body coming to a tight waist below which where two trunks of thighs and tight calves. His chest was lightly hairy leading to a treasure trial lost in his shorts and hairy legs. He was my fantasy, topped off with his deep voice and accent. When he smiled his entire face lit up. He greeted me with a long handshake at the door and putting his other hand on my shoulder he led me into his sparsely furnished apartment in the centre of which his massage table. Also in the room was his futon bed, a small dining table with a tray of oils on it and a stand with a TV and stereo.
After the handshake there were no preliminaries, he invited to put my clothes on a chair and lay on the table. Once naked and face down he then asked me about the reason for the massage and my various sore spots. Surprisingly his massage started with my feet. His hands felt large as he used firm pressure first on my left foot, then calf then thigh. This was followed by long strokes the length of my leg. This was then repeated on the right. By this stage I was completely relaxed and nearly asleep. Jose continued his work up my body kneading my glutes with light sliding of the side of his hand in my crack and massaging each cheek. The deep tissue work continued up my back and shoulders. A few tight spots he worked on till I could feel the pain melt away. When he massaged my arm he held it against his body so he could work all around the muscles. I also had a chance to feel his warm body. All very sensual and relaxing.
Finished with my back Jose asked me to roll over. No problems here, what he had done was nothing overtly sexual and I presumed I was just in for a great, firm massage, while my cock was thickening up it was not hard. The front massage started with Jose working on the back of my neck and this moved to my pecs and shoulders. The massage now was slower hand movements but the same deep massage work. Working lower on my chest and abs Jose was leaning over me and I could smell his body and feel the heat radiating from his body. This was arousing enough but as he started to massage my sides and abs he started to run his hand under my quickly hardening cock. What at first may have been excused as accidental touching of my cock was decidedly on purpose when he moved to my side and repeated the massage strokes. As he started to clearly jerk me off I started to touch his body, play with his nipples and I worked to his cock through his shorts which he quickly lost allowing me to stroke his hard, thick 9” uncut cock. As he started to play with my balls and arse with one hand and continued the cock strokes with the other I enjoyed the feel of his cock and I could feel the precum oozing from him. I really wanted to feel him cumming in my mouth but even that thought was enough to send me over the edge and I started to cum with four or five bursts over my face, chest and a dribble over my abs. Jose didn’t miss a stroke, he withdrew his cock from my hand and resumed the massage focusing on my legs while I relaxed and my heartbeat slowed.
After the massage he offered me a shower and when I returned with a towel wrapped around me the massage table was packed away and Jose was dressed. Quickly I finished drying, dressed, paid and left, relaxed physically and mentally. But I didn’t leave until I had made another appointment in a few weeks time. Each of my visits was the same routine until the last time I saw Jose.
My last massage the only difference was that when I stepped out of my post-massage shower Jose was still in his cotton shorts and the massage table was up with clean towels. Clearly he had another client. I thought it would be fun to meet the next man (?) that he was going to massage. So I dryed and dressed as slowly as possible. Just as I was putting on my jeans the front door bell went. While Jose was answering this, I decided to meet the next client partially naked so I took off my jeans and unbuttoned my shirt, so I looked as if I was about to start buttoning up as Jose reentered. Behind him was, I found out, Tim, a guy in his early 30s, 5’11”, broad shouldered and dressed in a suit. Tim came over to me with his hand outstretched asking if I was the four handed masseur that he had spoken to Jose about. Before Jose could say anything I saw my chance. I was honest enough to say that I wasn’t the masseur but I was happy to assist in any way I could. Tim smiled and said great, Jose looked resigned.
Without anything further Tim started to strip and I continued undressing down to my briefs. Tim was a ball of muscle. His chest and abs were naturally hairy but he had been recently shaved so there was a dusting of dark hairs evident. Under his suit he was wearing a jockstrap and when this came off his pubes and balls were completely shaved. His cock was curled up and soft on top of two large balls. As Tim got on the table I noticed that Jose had removed his shorts, I did likewise slipping out of my briefs.
Jose took his place by Tim’s left foot and indicated to me to take his right. Jose oiled his leg and passed the oil bottle to me and I copied Jose’s long strokes oiling Tim’s leg. Then I copied Jose’s movements massaging Tim’s foot, using my knuckles and thumbs. I continued to copy Jose as we moved up his legs but I synchronized so that I was stroking up Tim’s leg as Jose was massaging down. This was great fun as I varied the depth of the stroking and I could feel the tight spots in Tim’s outer thighs. I also became aware of Tim relaxing his whole body and his breathing becoming shallow and slow.
When we moved to Tim’s glutes the deep massaging started on the outside and moved inward. Jose and I alternated running the side of our hands down the crack and I gently rubbed my fingers over Tim’s balls. Tim cock was under his body so there was no opportunity to work his cute looking cock. Jose and I continued the left/right massaging up Tim’s back with me copying Jose’s strokes and kneading. Standing at Tim’s side I also ensured that my cock fell into Tim’s outstretched hand. Tim took the hint and started to squeeze and rub my cock. I also saw that Tim searched for and found Jose’s cock which he was also stroking.
Once the back massage was over Jose asked Tim to roll over. Jose moved to the head of the table and silently indicated for me to move to the feet. As Jose started to massage Tim’s neck I massaged his feet. After kneading his soles and rubbing each toe on each foot I skipped his lower leg and started working on each thigh. Here I gave a mixture of deep kneading and long strokes. As I moved up the thigh I was able to gently pass my fingers and palm over Tim’s balls and cock without deliberately massaging either. This I repeated on both thighs. By then Jose had completed the neck, head and chest massage and we again found ourselves on opposite sides massaging Tim’s abs with his now hard cock between us. Time was also stroking both of our cocks. Jose starting to stroke Tim’s cock and then bent down and gave him a head job. This was so hot to watch, Tim started to groan and I took the opportunity to suck on Tim’s nipple.
Tim’s moans continued and after a few minutes Jose finished with the head job. I took Jose’s place sucking Tim off. His cock was a good 6” but really thick so it was a mouthful. I also used a finger to rub around Tim’s ring, his response was to raise his arse and separate his legs slightly. This gave me the opportunity to slide my finger in and there was no resistance from Tim. At this point Jose was kissing Tim, then Jose cam around behind me, rubbed my back, and arse and he started to finger me as well. I was loving it when Jose stood up, pulled my cheeks apart and in one go pushed his cock into me. I felt every inch slide into me. It took my breath and I had to stop sucking on Tim. Tim took this as the opportunity to sit up on the massage table and feed me his cock. I was in bliss feeling these two men spit roast me.
After only about 5 minutes of this Tim got off the table and stood next to me, leaning over. Jose was happy to pull out of me and start fucking Tim. This was so hot to watch and for the first time that day I started to stroke myself. After a while I leaned in to kiss Jose and he pulled me towards him as he continued to thrust into Tim. Jose clearly wanted me behind him and he told me to fuck him. Who was I to refuse? I put the head of my cock at Jose’s hole and as I stated to use pressure Jose thrust back against me and I was in to the base in one smooth motion. The feeling was wonderful, Holding, rubbing and fucking this beautiful man. At the same time Tim was clearly in ecstasy being fucked by Jose.
I knew I couldn’t last long. After a few minutes fucking Jose I had the feeling rise in my balls. I knew I was close to the point of no return. Just before it hit I pulled out and moved around to Tim and came all over his face. I couldn’t believe how much I cum there was and to watch it run down Tim’s face was so hot. As I was coming down I realized that Jose had an arm across my shoulders. Jose pulled out of Tim and just then Tim slid to his knees and allowing Jose to add his load of hot cum to join mine on his face. After that Tim stood up and I took position on my knees allowing Tim to cum on me. I love the feel of hot cum and once Tim started cumming I rubbed it into my face and chest. After that I stood and the three of us embraced. My massages with Jose would never be the same again.


A few years ago I was on holiday in Spain with the wife and two sons. It was quite a luxurious resort with it’s own spa and gym complex.

I had taken advantage of the gym on quite a few mornings and evenings when it proved to be quite busy. A couple of days before the end of the holiday I decided to go in the middle of the day, and was surprised to find the gym empty, except for one young guy. I guess everyone was at the pool, the beach or the markets. But the gym was air-conditioned and quite refreshingly cool from the midday sun.

As I worked my way around the gym, I noticed the other guy, who was probably late 20’s (I was early 40’s) had placed himself on some equipment opposite me. This happened a few times. He was a young fit guy, olive skin and very handsome, and I couldn’t help but look at him, and his gaze also fixed on me at various times. He was working out very slowly, and as he was standing lifting weights, my eyes were drawn to his silky pale blue shorts and my eyes just kept returning to his bulge. I watched carefully as he moved up and down, my eyes moving between his chest, pecs, legs, bulge, and quite often his eyes. There was no obvious smile, just a sultry sexy gaze as he moved slowly up and down. I felt a very strong stirring in my reasonably tight shorts and a tingle ran through me.

After a little while I noticed some sweat on his shorts, and as I continued to survey him I saw that his whole body wasn’t really sweating at all. Wow, the penny dropped, the wetness on his shorts was pre-cum, and the area was getting larger and larger, as was the bulge. My heart rate increased, and this has nothing to do with the workout and everything to do with this handsome, fit, juicy man.

The gym remained deserted, apart from the two of us. I just ached to move over and touch him. But what if I was mistaken at his gaze across to me, and I ended up badly beaten, or worse still in some Spanish jail, having to explain myself to my family. A further risk was that one of my own sons might walk in any minute to join me in the gym, even though they were under the permitted age and it would be very unlikely. As these thoughts raced around my mind my heart pounded faster. I had to put this lovely guy out of my head, so I moved from the gym into the male sauna, which was at the side of the changing rooms.

I sat on the bottom bench of the sauna for quite a while, eyes closed, trying to put him out of my mind. One second I was hoping he had showered and left the complex, the next I was desperately hoping he would join me in the sauna, or I would find him in the shower. And then before I knew it, here he was, entering the sauna. He brushed past me as he sat himself on the top level just to my right. Silence prevailed, as often it does in such places. As we both sweated it out, I could smell him. Not a horrible sweaty man smell, but a healthy work-out smell with a hint of something sweeter.

As we both sat, just wearing gym shorts, I gradually moved my shoulder towards his knee. In the corner of my eye I could see his legs parting wider and he edged his knee to touch me. There was no pull-back from either of us, but an increasingly firm touch. I turned round and said something to him, and I picked up that his reply was in Italian, with a shrug of his shoulders and a cheeky smile. Conversation was not important. We had all the communication we needed. I took the plunge and grabbed the bottom of his leg and massaged it gently up and down. He responded by stroking my head and neck.

Despite the risk of someone else entering the sauna, I just had to go for gold. His soft skin and masculine physique were too tempting. My hands surveyed his legs and then as he joined me on the bottom level we explored each-others upper bodies in a frenzy of sensual massage. Our erections were both becoming very obvious in our shorts and we caressed each-other’s buttocks and cocks through the shorts in an eager anticipation. Things calmed a little, and I beckoned him to lie down, and as I massaged his body from top to toe he let out little groans of satisfaction – Italian groans. I just loved the smooth feel of his olive skin, his wavy hair, and his solid muscles.

Suddenly a distant door slammed and we both jumped into a seated position. My heart pounded and I could feel it jumping in my chest. We looked at one-another and both burst into laughter. We sat for a couple of minutes with our bodies just touching. He stood, gave me a smile and a wink, and headed out of the sauna. I sat several minutes recovering, and then began to wonder what the wink might mean!

I headed out into the changing room, and there was no-one there, Just one shower running. The shower cubicles were large, but the door was open. As I passed by there he was, looking gorgeous and covered in soap. Now with his shorts off, I watched the soap running down a prefect round buttock, then as he turned slightly, soapy water dripping off his penis. I almost came there and then.

I peered out of the changing room door into the gym. Nobody was in there. I came back in and slipped off my shorts. My erect penis jumped out as I slid them down. He was watching me and smiled. Quick as lightening I entered his cubicle and closed the door behind me. Somehow I felt safe; if someone came in the changing room there were ways for both of us to leave the cubicle with care. I relaxed.

The scents of him and the soap filled my senses. I brought my full naked body behind him and hugged him, my penis resting upright in the crack of his beautiful arse. I took charge of the soap gel and washed his wavy hair; it felt so sensual. Gradually I worked my way down his body to his hips. I lifted his arms up and placed them against the shower wall. I worked my way once more in a frenzy of soapy massage from his neck and shoulders, to his shapely chest, down his back and buttocks, and then around to his cock and balls. I continued massaging down his hairy legs and massaged each foot in turn. I so enjoyed just touching him, feeling him, holding him.

As I stood, he turned round and we hugged, our bodies intertwined and firmly held together, cocks throbbing and dripping pre-cum. Then suddenly he dropped on his knees and massaged my buttocks enthusiastically, and in no time at all I felt my cock surrounded by his lovely mouth, taking me right in, sucking and licking for all he was worth. Occasionally I would hold his head still, just to stop myself coming so that this would all last that bit longer. Eventually the inevitable happened, and I exploded into his throat, some of my cum spilling out over his chest. As I did so, he grabbed my buttocks with such passion I could have passed out!

I washed down his front once more with the soap, and he returned the compliment of giving me a soapy shower massage. After turning me to wash my back he soaped my cock well and brought me slowly to the most amazing orgasm. We stood together hugging for a while, then he carefully slipped out, got dressed and left.

Later in the day, I saw him with his family and friends by the pool as I re-joined my family. We caught each-other’s gaze without the slightest embarrassment, just a knowing and appreciative brief smile.

I’ll never forget that holiday, and to this day I have a passion for soapy shower massage, and the image of pre-cum on silky shorts is very clear. Pass the soap buddy!


I am tall and thin with poor posture and I don’t do enough exercise to strengthen my core muscles. Consequently I have problems with back pain and I try to have a regular massage to ease this. Every six months or so I go to Brisbane for work. On my last trip I arranged the work for a Friday so I could stay for the weekend and holiday. Before I left I thought I would arrange a massage for the Friday evening. I searched the internet and found a guy who offered myofascial release and prostate massage. Having never had either I booked a 90 minute massage with him.
On the Friday evening I got a taxi to the masseur’s apartment. During the trip in peak hour I had my usual concerns with meeting a new masseur. What would they be like, what would the massage be like, would I have wasted my money on someone softly stroking my body and I’d still be sore the next day? Arriving I buzzed the apartment, was let in and got the lift up. Knocking on the door the questions were racing in my mind. Richard opened the apartment door and my first concern was dismissed. Richard spoke with a Canadian accent, he was mid-30s, 5’10”, had a great smile and he warmly shook my hand (a firm handshake is a great first sign in a masseur!) as I entered. He was barefooted wearing cotton shorts and a T-shirt, I noticed that he had great muscular thighs and a round arse in his loose fitting shorts. He took me through to his lounge room where the massage table was set up and he had a great view of the city skyline. He offered me water and wanted to talk before starting the massage. He asked about why I wanted the massage, my back problems, what I knew about myofascial release and what massages have helped me in the past. He then spoke about prostate massage, what were its benefits and that he would only proceed with it if I wanted it. He then told me about his background, as an exercise physiologist, personal trainer, training in massage in India and the USA. Again this helped to reduce any concerns I may have had and helped me to relax with this stranger, with whom I was about to be naked. It was also clear that Richard wasn’t in a rush to get me “done” and out.
Richard asked me to undress and get on the table. As I was doing this he took off his T-shirt, revealing a shaved chest and abs and asked if I wanted him in shorts, underwear or naked. I was happy either way so I put the choice onto him, pointing out that he was the one about to do all of the work. He then stripped off as well and he was shaved with an uncut cock, soft a couple of inches long but still thick. Once on the table Richard checked if I was happy with the temperature, the lights and the background music. He asked me to tell him if I wanted anything changed during the massage and at intervals during the massage he repeated these questions. On the table he started by feeling various trigger points and asking how tight or sore they were.
Richard talked during he massage, something that I normally don’t want but I was comfortable talking with him and somehow the massage seemed more of a cooperative process rather than a active giver/passive receiver process. We spoke about the massage, travels, relationships (Richard told me about his girlfriend and that he liked to use anal toys). Surprisingly Richard used very little oil or cream during the massage and the myofascial release was a very active process with Richard moving my arms and legs as he identified a trigger point and massaged the point and the pain. This was followed by using both hands to stretch along the lines of the muscles. This part of the massage finished with gluteal work on both sides which was surprisingly painful.
This deep work was interspersed with more traditional Swedish massage strokes and Richard finished with a Swedish massage of my back and legs. At times Richard got up on the table to massage my back and neck and I could feel his cock resting on my body. When he was standing by the table he put his growing cock in my hand and invited me to massage him. Quickly his cock engorged and it was clearly long and very thick with tight hanging balls. The Swedish massage finished with a gentler glut massage and stroking around my hole. At this point I was completely relaxed and drifting off. Richard then asked if I wanted to go ahead with the prostate massage. I felt comfortable and trusted him and said to go ahead. He then put oil or lube between my cheeks and rubbed a finger around my hole and then into me. It was an unusual experience at first, not painful or uncomfortable but with a sense of fullness. Richard moved his finger around, massaged my coccyx bone, which was itself a wonderful sensation- I could feel a part of my body that I had never known existed! He then moved to the prostate massage itself, which was a point of ecstasy. The sensations emanating from my prostate were amazingly sensual, and I could feel my cock leaking precum throughout this process. I know that I moaned and at times I couldn’t help myself but thrust my arse back against his hand. I was still playing with Richard’s cock in my hand and at times I fear I must have hurt him because of my squeezing.
Richard went through a few cycles of prostate massage and then massaging my ring, allowing the more intense sensations to diminish. I don’t know how long this went on for but after a while he asked if I wanted something larger to massage me. We had earlier been talking about dildos and vibrators so I presumed he was talking about putting a second finger or a toy into me. As I was thinking about this he asked a second time and I said to go ahead. He then gave me one more massage of my prostate before pulling his finger out. It was an empty feeling initially but I was confused when I felt Richard separate my legs further and get onto the table between my legs. He then reached to the supply table and he was clearly putting on a condom. Next I knew his cock was pressing my ring and I slowly breathed in allowing him to enter me in a single motion. I was surprised and uncertain. Richard quietly lay on top of me and I could feel my heart beating rapidly as I lay under Richard’s weight. Initially Richard didn’t move he allowed me to settle with the feeling of his cock in me and he encouraged me to breathe slowly. As my heart slowed and I was enjoying the sensation of Richard stretching my ring he started with the most gentle in/out movement of his cock. These movements increased and then we had a most intense and vigorous fucking. Richard varied the pace and the depth of his penetration and I knew what it felt liked so I knew when his cock hit my prostate. I was breathing in sync to Richard’s thrusts and I know I was thrusting against him and moaning. I tried squeezing my ring on his cock and he commented that he could feel this.
Again I don’t Know how long this fucking lasted but he eventually pulled out of me, got off the table and asked me to turn over. I was exhausted, my cock was hard, leaking and I was ready to burst. Richard stroked himself with one hand and put a finger into me again massaging my prostate while I stroked myself. Very quickly I came in 5 or 6 bursts, spurting all over my chest and one on my face. Once I came Richard came all over me as well. We were both truly spent And for a while Richard lay on top of me. I was offered a shower but was happy to clean myself with a towel, dress and head out to get a taxi back to the hotel.
That night I couldn’t get to sleep until I had jerked off and the great thing was the next day. I presumed that it was a “side effect” of the prostate massage but I had a near constant erection all day and I jerked off three times during the day (not all of these were solo efforts), something I hadn’t done since I was a teenager. When I was back home I sent Richard an email thanking him for a great experience and promising to see him again when I’m next in town with work.


I’d never been touched sensually by another man.  The thought had always been in the back of my head and I had often fantasized about what it’d be like.  Having a wife and kids to take care of hadn’t left me with a lot of time or the place to experience these fantasies.  

On a recent trip to Hong Kong, I finally took the plunge. . . I walked through the doorway with the words “Eden Spa” clearly etched above.  My heart was racing and the bulge in my pants was becoming more noticeable.  I was greeted at the front desk by a good looking asian man.  In broken english he asked what services I’d like.  I browsed over the menu and chose the rose oil massage.  He quickly jotted down some notes and took me to a small, dimly lit room.  He proceeded to give me instructions to take off my clothes, take a shower, and push the button on the wall when I was ready.  

I quickly undressed, my cock now swollen.  I showered, wrapped a towel around my waist, pushed the button, and sat, waiting for my masseur to enter the room.  My brain was going a thousand miles per hour with fantasies and hopes for the next 90 minutes.  I heard a quick rap at the door and told him to come in.  My heart jumped as I lay my eyes on the beautiful man that was standing before me.  He had a perfectly chiseled face with a beautiful smile.  He was wearing a tank top which showed off his muscular arms perfectly.  His cock bulged beautifully in his tight shorts.  

I think he noticed my reaction to him as his gaze went from my eyes right down to my protruding towel bulge.  He asked me to remove my towel as he reached forward to take it off of my body.  His hands slid around my waist, loosened my towel, and slowly moved their way around to the front of my body where he effortlessly caught the falling towel.  He then asked me to lay face down on the table.  I felt his eyes on me as I pushed my cock into a comfortable position.  

His hands were soft and warm.  He slowly and firmly pressed on my shoulders and upper back.  My muscles melted to his touch.  As he dripped warm oil down my back I could feel it running down my ass crack.  I was in complete bliss!   He ran his hands down my arms paying attention to each muscle.  As he worked his way to my hands he positioned my arm over the top of his thigh.  My hand was inches from his beautiful bulge.  I pulled my hand down slightly so I could get a handful.  He felt BIG!  I could tell he wasn’t completely hard but was definitely on the way.  My hand rested over his bulging crotch as he worked on my fingers.  He then moved to the other hand and this time he positioned my hand over his ever-growing manhood.  As he moved down my back I noticed him brushing up against my hands which lay to the side of the table.  As he brushed by I would run my hands up his chiseled legs and run my finger under his tighty whities to feel his warm ball sac.  He continued down my back paying attention to places I didn’t even know existed.  His hands naturally worked their way down over my butt and thighs.  Feelings of exhilaration raced through my body as he brushed my balls while working on my inner thighs.  My ass naturally popped in the air as he grabbed my now throbbing cock from behind.  I was in HEAVEN!!  His fingers traveled around my cock and balls before working their way to my ass.  As his finger entered, I let out an audible low moan.  He worked my prostate until I was just about ready to lose it and then just as fast as he put his finger in, he pulled out and left me wanting more.  

His hands worked down my legs occasionally making their way past my now dripping cock.  Surges of ecstasy would rush through my body as his hands made it close to my manhood.  He slowly moved up my body to where he was standing at the head of the table.  I felt his hard cock pressing against the top of my head so I reached up and realized that he was naked!  My head popped up and right in front of my face was a beautiful, uncut, throbbing, cock.  I slowly placed my hands around it and admired every crevasse, every part.  He pushed it towards my mouth so I opened and took it in.  In that moment I forgot everything!  The salty goodness rubbed against my lips.  I could taste the mild sweetness of his precum.  It was better than anything I could’ve ever imagined!  

In a thick Chinese accent he told me to turn over.  I, of course, did as he asked.  He poured hot oil over my chest.  As he worked my chest he paid special attention to my hard nipples, squeezing and sucking them.  He slowly moved down my body.  The oil was slowly dripped onto my near-exploding cock.  He took my member in his hand and made sure the oil was evenly distributed that started rubbing every inch of it.  He then leaned over and took my entire member deep in his mouth.  His mouth was so warm and he knew every point to place his strong tongue.   As he moved his head up and down on my throbbing manhood, my balls tightened.  “Oh God!”, I moaned as the biggest load exploded into his mouth.  He continued to suck as another surge of juice flew deep into his throat.  He continued until every last drop was gone.  Never in my life had I felt an orgasm so powerful and amazing as that!  I lay completely spent.  He gently brushed his hands all over my body.  The light, tingly sensation was so relaxing.  I could’ve stayed there for the rest of the evening.  He moved away from me and I heard the shower water being turned on.  In his cute accent he asked if I’d like to take a shower.  He helped me up from the table and we made our way to the hot shower.  As the hot water percussed against my body, he lathered soap all over me.  Paying attention to every nook and cranny, I felt cleaner than I’d ever felt in my life.  Remembering that I hadn’t finished what I started earlier, I got down on my knees.  His cock was still hard and ready for a warm mouth to suck on it.  I took it in my mouth and stroked it hard.  I could feel the tension building when he said, “I’m going to cum”!  I nearly choked as the biggest load I’d ever seen launched into my mouth.  The salty goodness ran down my throat and out the sides of my mouth.  I savored the goodness and carefully swallowed every bit of it, making sure to suck every ounce of it from his pulsing cock.  As I stood up he gave me a giant hug pushing our two semi-hard members together.  I turned off the water and we exited the shower.  As we dried off and dressed there wasn’t much verbal exchange but we would glance at each other and smile.  

My whole married life I felt there was something missing.  That beautiful day in Hong Kong I finally found out what it was.  I needed the warm and loving touch of another man.  I’ll definitely be returning some day!  


It had never come up before; the subject of my hairy crack. My boyfriend was blowing me one night, a fairly common occurrence in our house whether the boy wanted to or not, and he made a comment after grabbing my arse to stop me going too deep.

”I practically ran my fingers through your arse hair just then!” He spluttered with a sly smile (some kind of comeback for making him gag).

”And that’s a problem, why?” I asked, looking down at him with his head pulled back by his little camp quiff.

”It’s not… Just an observation” he replied meekly, wiping the saliva and precum from his chin. He immediately got back to work.

It got me thinking though. I hate a hairy hole as much as the next champion rimmer, why should the boy have to put up with it when he’s grabbing my cheeks for stability?

I’m a top, I always have been. I’m a 6ft3, broad, athletic Celt. I’m blessed with a huge juicy length and I produce buckets of cum and precum, every time! I was picked on at school for being a “geek”. I use quotation marks because in our little community the sporty lads and the cool kids were all dumb so they couldn’t cope with any sign of book smarts. I was not a geek. And this is where I believe my fetish has its roots… There’s nothing I get off on more than ruining some guy’s arsehole with my big, thick dick. It’s a revenge thing; I take control, completely dominate, tell them exactly what I need from them and give some poor lad some retribution, even if they aren’t the actual bullies from my past.

The very next morning I take to Google and typed “Male Crack Wax London”. I figured paying some other poor bastard to do it was preferable to any attempts at shower gymnastics, and I certainly wasn’t going to let the boy back there with any sharp implements.

After going through numerous ads, I decided I wanted a man to do it as women don’t need to see that, and I found a guy 5mins walk from the office.

He was available that day, so just after lunch I went round to see him to get it over and done with. His name was Lucas, he was Brazilian (apt), extremely handsome, early 30s and very friendly. He was wearing loose fitting shorts and a vest, having just got back from the gym. You could see he took care of himself. His olive skin accentuated his vascular physique; he’d clearly worked his upper body that morning, fair play.

I explained the issue, I told him I was a top, we had a giggle at the story that had brought me to his table and he said he understood completely with a wink “Us tops and our problems”. We laughed.

I felt instantly at ease and started undoing my shirt and tie, glad to undress in the heat of his tiny studio. I took everything off apart from my vest and pants and lay face down on his table. He began to talk me through the process, starting with sliding me out of my pants with a chuckle “you make it much harder with these on”.

He sprayed lotions and dashed powders over my cheeks. I was feeling more relaxed by the minute, and had to remind myself that there was certain agony to come. The first layer of hot wax went on and I braced myself.

”Ok, deep breathe…” he said and instantly pulled at the strip he’d just laid.

”Oh, that wasn’t too bad!” I was surprised by how quick and reasonably pain free it was. He made short work of my fuzzy cheeks and promptly told me to get on my knees. As I rose I noticed a pool of precum tear away from my belly leaving a glistening string attached to my flaccid dick. I became well known between the bottoms I was shagging in my single days for oozing precum like a tap. It takes no time at all for big crystal clear beads of it to start leaking from the head when I’m turned on. Some lads love it and are happy just lapping it up before I get tired and make them deep throat me. But the thing is, I do have to be aroused to start producing it, so why am I laying in a patch of it on a damn waxer’s table?

I panicked and grabbed my tackle, though this didn’t break the sticky string which was now attached to the back of my hand. Lucas was stood beside me now smiling.

”I’m sorry” I said, a little flushed “I’m not sure what that’s about”.

”It’s ok” he explained in his cute Brazilian accent “It happens a lot, more to the straight guys, it’s because you are not used to having someone touch your ass.

”The ass is a very sensitive area on some guys and they never know” He smiled at me and stroked my right cheek which did nothing to stop the oozing from my still limp but sloppy cock.

Now totally preoccupied with what was just said, Lucas was failing to get my attention as I was completely in the wrong position for the next part of the wax. He therefore took it upon himself to move me. He pressed down on my shoulders so that I was on my elbows and separated my knees as wide as the table, keeping my feet together. He then pushed in my lower back which served to open up my ass crack entirely. This was not a position I was used to being in and giggled to myself at the thought of all those bottoms I’d used and abused seeing me like this.

Lucas began waxing the crack swiftly. This was slightly more painful but he’d pretty much done the whole area in four strips including the bit between my balls and hole. Still in position he began to rub cream over my now smooth behind.

He slowly massaged the cream into my parted cheeks, gently caressing the now super sensitive area. He then worked his way down my crack with the cream and slid his hand over my hole. My dick instantly jerked into a semi. I was still holding it in my soaking wet hand and so I thought screw it, he needs to know what this is doing to me.

I let go and clenched as he touched my hole again, squeezing another load of precum up through the shaft. I arched my back even more hoping he’d take all these signs as positive feedback. He did and continued but still talking me through the process as if this was just part of the wax.

”Now I apply some cream to help remove the excess wax” he said softly as he rubbed two fingers around the outline of my hole. I pursed my arse muscle to allow him to touch more of it. It was driving me nuts, my dick nuts and my nuts nuts!

He knew I had a boyfriend so I think he may have been carrying on the pretence to make me feel more comfortable, but it just made it that much hornier.

“Now I will apply the post wax balm, this is very good for soothing the waxed area” Using both hands he rubbed the cheeks sweeping round and brushing my hole with his thumbs, pressing down harder each time. By now, I’m rock solid, dripping with precum and wanking slowly.

“You should try and moisturise the area every day after showering” Using one hand he was pretty much focusing solely on my hole now, just with two fingers applying pressure and circling the ring. With the other he began to cup and stroke my balls while I worked the head.

“Now for some talc to dry the skin” I felt the talc fall on my now highly sensitive arse crack, the sensations I was getting were like none I’d ever experienced and I didn’t want it to end. He moved round to my side, with one hand still holding on to one of my glutes and exclaimed “oh damn, I have talc everywhere” I lifted my head and turned to look towards him. I hadn’t realised my eyes had been shut since the post-wax treatment had began. Blinking and blurred, I saw that Lucas had indeed got talc on his shorts, the shorts that were doing little to hide an enormous boner. As he dusted himself off, his dick sprang from side to side under the loose fitting material. “Your treatment is done, however if you have time, I can offer you a massage at a discounted rate as you are already here” he smiled “if you have time of course”.

Maintaining the pretence of a run-of-the-mill wax treatment had me horny to no end. I absolutely loved this guy.

“I have some time, yes, a massage would be great!” I said, tearing my vest off over my head.

“Please lay flat, face down and I will change out of these shorts and put some relaxing music on” We smiled at each other as I got in position and he disappeared into the next room. I tucked my huge wet length between my legs and let it stick out under my hole. It was the only comfortable position for it at this point. Lucas came back in as I was adjusting. I was blown away. He was wearing nothing but a bright white sports jock. His brown Latin skin and muscular body rippled as he moved. I was resting with my elbows beneath my chest, my eyes following him through the room. He stopped in front of my head with his back to me. He then bent over to fiddle with his laptop for music. He didn’t bend his knees. His leg muscles popped, his glutes bubbled up and parted showing off his tight little pucker framed by the straps of the jock. He knew what he was doing and there was no doubt he’d previously danced professionally or taught yoga or something as his bending and flexing were those of a showman.

He spun around with a small bottle of oil in his hand and moved towards me. His bulging crotch got closer to my face as he stood, legs apart, inches from me while he dripped the warm oil down the centre of my muscular lats. He placed a hand on both shoulders and began to run them down my back. As he did so his packet crept towards my face until it was pressed against the left side of my nose and cheek. Feet still on the floor, he was fully stretched over my head and down my back, arms extended so that his hands had reached my glutes, his thumbs in my crack.

I breathed him in. His jock was clean and his cock must have been too, despite his workout. I’m not a fan of man smells. I love nothing more than a fastidiously clean lad when I’m playing so I breathed out with a sigh of relief. I was not here to have dick in my face, I don’t suck dick, it’s not part of the sex I like and the guys I go for don’t ask for it. Lucas could tell this from our initial conversation which, I think, was why he pressed my head down in to the hole in the bed on his way back up.

This massage was about a guy who appreciated a worked, toned ass and a guy discovering that his own ass may be his pleasure centre.

He continued up and down the length of my body for a good six or seven strokes, each time his packet pressed into my head. Even if it was intentional, I don’t think he could help it; his bulge was that big with the “up-lift” of the jock. The precum was pouring out of me. I could feel it pooling by my inner thighs.

I began to stroke his legs, his upper thighs and slowly up to his hard ass cheeks while he did his thing. It was an amazing pair of buttocks and I seriously just wanted to bend him over the table, cover his mouth, and pound him. He must have know this as I squeezed his cheeks really hard, reminding him that my strength and size was a match for his and this whole massage thing was getting seriously close to too horned up tops with no holes to fill but each other’s.

I suddenly felt him rise up, one leg at a time, to kneel either side of my head. He pushed harder down my back, probably to gain stability and then I felt it. His body weight pressing down on me, his solid belly and pecs lay on my back, his heat warming my oily skin. I felt his hands move down my long, thick legs, his forearms, his full arms down to my calves and then the breath. His hot breath filled my crack, I clenched my hole hard then instantly my ring opened up again, wider this time. His stubbly chin tickled my crack, around my inner thighs and my butt hole as he moved his face around my newly smooth bum.

I had to take some control back. I was at his mercy and I needed to remind him that I wasn’t submitting here, that I was allowing him to do this.

I lifted my hips to open my crack up more so that he could get in deeper then reached up, wrapped my arms around his lower back and pulled him tighter against my body.

He began licking my balls gently and rubbing my bell end, right on the banjo string, the most sensitive part of the dick. I ached to unload.

“I won’t last much longer mate” I panted. With that he began to rise up, away from my arse, off my back and fluidly got down from the bed.

“Deep breaths” he whispered into my ear and began massaging my head, neck, shoulders, upper back and arms. At this heightened arousal, every touch made me shudder. He’d planned this. I’d been edged to the brink and he was keeping me there for as long as possible. He moved down to my feet and worked them before my calves. I was now tensed for the inevitable upper thigh massage. I know I’m sensitive here, I rarely let a guy put his arm through my legs while he’s sucking me off as the rubbing of his arm back and forth can be too intense and will make me shoot too soon. I thought this would be my release, one rub up my quad towards my crack would tip me over and I’d be done. He ran the tips of two or three fingers up the outside of my left thigh and positioned himself by my waist. As he did so he placed his balls in my upturned hand which he’d released out the side of the jock unbeknownst to me. I closed my hand around them gently but firmly and pulled them down towards the table. He groaned loudly, uncontrolled, unexpected.

He focused on my thighs, and massaged the tops moving slowly to the inside and the top. I squeezed his sack gently. His moan louder this time, guttural. I’d found his weak spot. He moved away from the table but grabbed my wrist to indicate under no circumstances should I let go of his balls. He stepped back less than a foot, but it allowed him to bend down, over my crack and breathed right into my hole. It was enough; for both of us. I creamed right there and then, all over the table, pouring out between my oily thighs. He creamed bent over my hole. His hot cum dripped down his shaft all over my wrist as I pulled firmly downwards on his sensitive nuts.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I growled at him as cum continued to pour out of me. I was almost angry at him for ending it. My head was spinning as I lifted it up. I turned to see him steadying himself with his forearm on my lower back and his other arm pinned between my legs, his hand, and wrist most likely, must have been swimming in my cum.

I let go of his balls and heaved myself up to sit on the edge of the table, leaning over and lifting Lucas up with one arm to support him as I righted myself. He put his huge arms around my neck and I held him around his waist. He looked at me.

“Wow” He stuttered “I knew if I let you anywhere near my balls any earlier that would be the end for me. They are my weak spot” he smiled “I think we found yours too” and kissed me hard on the lips. “Right, keep exfoliating the waxed area, moisturise after every shower and I’ll see you again in five to six weeks”. He busied himself with tidying up (and wiping up) the mess we had created. I silently put my suit back on and sorted my tie out in the mirror. I searched for my wallet and placed the agreed amount of cash on the stand next to his laptop then grabbed my bag and headed for the door.

“Thanks and I’ll be sure to follow your instructions,” I said turning round to shake his hand. He rushed over, still in his jock. He grabbed my hand and firmly shook it with a smile.

“Here” he bent down, slipped his jock off swiftly and placed it in the gap in my gym bag. “Send me a photo in it once a week, so I can keep an eye on progress. That way I know when you need to come back” he giggled. I laughed opened the door and was gone.