Foreplay is Fun

Foreplay is often rushed because it feels awkward. Foreplay isn’t really optional. Foreplay will enhance your sexual pleasure and improve it. Foreplay should be pleasurable and not seen as something you have to do before getting to the main event: it needs to be part of the whole experience. Foreplay can become too clinical and routine. We’ve all been there: two minutes fondling before getting on with the job in hand! It doesn’t have to be the same each time – sometimes it can be longer, sometimes quicker and it doesn’t have to be one way.

Touch each other, kiss each other, use great lubricants, try a sex toy. Have the confidence to try some or all of the ideas below and see if you can make foreplay fun! Many men love foreplay.

Talk to each other
Communication is so important in relationships. When we stop talking, problems start to arise, especially within our sex lives. Men aren’t mind readers and neither are we, so tell each other how you are feeling and what you like. Tell each other what feels good, that you love each other, what you would like to do to each other, where you love to be kissed and what you like about each other’s bodies. You may both be surprised about what is said if you are honest with each other. If a man sees his partner actively enjoying what they are doing, it is a huge turn on.

Watch him

Men are highly visual and can become aroused by just watching. Have the confidence to strip off in front of your partner and beckon him into bed. Don’t feel too self conscious about your body; he loves you and your body is the only one he is allowed to see and touch. By using lubricant and a sex toy to put on a sexy show you can show your partner exactly what feels great for you, where you love being touched. Let them take control of the sex toy and play with you. He will love your response!

Use lubricant

Most men are happy using sexual lubricant because it means sex will feel comfortable and pleasurable for their partner, which in turn, will hopefully lead to having more sex and better sex!

That feels fantastic!
Have the courage to tell and show him what you like and what you don’t like. Most men welcome some guidance on what they should be doing and if they are doing it right, the sounds emanating from your throat will indicate if he has hit the correct spot! Having his own personal sex show from the person he loves will make your man steaming hot.

Get buzzing
Many men feel threatened by a vibrator but by showing him what a vibrator can do for you and how it can arouse you so that sexual intercourse is more amazing, he will change his mind. Get your partner to use his hands, mouth or vibrator on you and tell him how good it feels.

Relax and take your time

Get naked together. Enjoy a hot steamy bath with plenty of bubbles. Soap each other in intimate ways to turn the heat up. Use a bath oil to lube up his penis or let him gently massage yours. Tease him with feather-like fingertip touching or use some light bondage, ask him where he likes being touched: all men enjoy being caressed. Men tend to like a firmer touch so ask him how he likes to be touched. Use lubricants on your partner, this makes masturbation feels so much better and can help you enjoy longer sexual intercourse too.

Mix it up
Change positions frequently, experiment to find one that really turns you both on. This is not only arousing but can lighten the mood by being funny too. Find that special position that is just right for both of you – you may be surprised at how different and better sex can feel in this position. Variety is the spice of life and it is good to mix things up.Blindfolds are a safe, non-threatening way to expand your erotic horizons but can increase your sexual pleasure.

Touching him means power!
Rather than lying back and letting him do all the work, take control and dominate him you might like it and I’m sure your partner will love it. The more active you are by touching him, feeling him and changing position, the more intimate the experience will be and you will enjoy it more.

(Original article written for Jo Divine, found here)

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