All sexualities enjoy sensual massage

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Sensual Massage is being more and more discovered recently by many, in particularly by straight men. For a long time sensual and erotic massage was seen as rather sordid affair with the word massage used as a pseudonym for sex services. But over the past 10 years, there has been a definite separation from the rub and tug version of massage that many men, (straight, bisexual or gay) are finding that a professional sensual massage by a professional male sensual masseur satisfies both the need for a firm massage as well as the desire to include arousal and possible orgasm.

Also for the straight (married) man who may usually take a sensual massage from a female erotic masseur taking this massage from another man seems to lessen any sense of guilt in betraying the partners whilst still have some pleasure for himself. If he is able to put aside any gay issues that may creep in to his head and just enjoy the touch for what it is then most of these men say that having a sensual massage from another man seems totally natural and extremely pleasurable. Increasingly both men and women, gay, bi and straight, single, partnered or married are trying sensual massage, often for the first time and are finding that it ticks a lot of boxes and without interfering with their day to day lives or relationships.

As a side benefit it also seems to provide a private environment where if the “receiver” wants it there is time to talk about any personal issues or worries that  they may have. The massage environment provides a safe place and an empathetic masseur can often offer a rare non judgmental and often experienced ear to give advice and support in areas such as sexuality, or sexual performance. Subjects many men find hard to share with partners, friends even their doctors.

Following this article is a copy of email correspondence received by Colin of Massage 33 one of Londons most experienced masseurs and sex mentors. The email is from a married man living in the US. Colin comments that over 50% of his clients are men exploring man to man sensual massage for the first time and that many of these are coming from what one might term as a traditionally straight background. Colin has his theory about this, which is touched on in his reply to Scott.

From Scott – Austin Texas

Hello Colin,
I recently became a member of your site: I have been happily married for almost 24 years and have found great joy in giving my wife massages throughout our marriage. Your site has opened my eyes to the potential of receiving sensual touch from a man. I am so impressed with the way you expain the benefits of male to male touch. Your knowledge  of psychology and sexuality are wonderful. Your ability to apply these concepts in massage amazes me. By simply watching your videos, I become very relaxed and energised. What you offer is genuine. You make be wish I lived in the UK rather than the USA. Now that my eyes have been opened, I am hoping I can find a masseur in the state of Texas, perhaps near Austin, who offers sensual massage. I do believe that tantric massage can be transformation for me and for countless others. I hope I have a chance to at least talk to you over the phone to  further share how much I appreciate your enlightenment.
Thanks so much!

Colin’s reply

Dear Scott
Thanks you so much for your kind feedback its always appreciated and I am so pleased that you have found the site of benefit. Massage and particularly sensual massage is a very powerful experience. Human beings are sensual animals and so much of what we are about is connected to intimate and caring arousal. Its how we communicated for hundreds of thousands of years and of course it plays an enormous part in the reproduction of our species, so its no wonder that we all adore the feeling of arousing touch.
I believe that man to man intimate touch is also part of natures plan, its is the vehicle by which young men turn from being competitive procreators to cooperative providers. One male touching another male intimately indicates trust and a bond between one another. You will find that when you allow another man to hold and caress your balls you will feel a fundamental shift in your bodies physiology from tension to relaxation and visa versa cementing the bond between two co-operative males. The only difference today is that unlike pre historic man we have to battle with the cultural and religious programming that says its wrong!
I will be writing more articles on the powers of sensual and erotic massage showing that sensual massage can be given by men of all sexualities to both other men and women but in the mean time I recommend you join the new M33 Xtra area of the web site to view the descriptions of the massages and view the videos of the actual massages being given by myself and my team of masseurs at Massage33.
All the best

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