A Guide to Nipple Stimulation

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Nipple Play

Men’s nipples can be carnal command centers. Comprised of the tips, plus the pigmented circular area surrounding them known as the areola, they have the same nerve-packed pleasure receptors that a woman’s nipples do do. But, all men are different, so the only way to know what kind of nipple play a man wants is to experiment with various manual and mouth moves. Since men’s n-zones are often neglected, and therefore not accustomed to stimulation, they might be supersensitive to touch. So make sure you start out gently, then gauge how much pressure to apply by how he responds to your strokes.


You can try awakening your partner’s hot buttons point by tracing the outside of his areola with your finger, brushing his tip as you complete full circles. Then, lick around his nipples, zeroing in on each tip by flicking your tongue back and forth, finishing up with a gentle bite. Or, place your lips over each nipple and gently suck. If your partner wants you to play a little rougher, try nipping him a bit harder, or tweak the tip between your thumb and forefinger. You can up the erotic ante even more by moistening the area with ice, then blowing on the wet surface. The change in temperature of your warm breath against his cold skin will send shock waves of bliss coursing through his body.

images (2)As men, we’ve heard about nearly every type of orgasm. From male g-spot stimulation, to prostate stimulation, to combinations of both, it is certainly possible to experience orgasm without direct penetration. With increased sexual awareness, more men are experimenting with nipple orgasms. But how can you have a nipple orgasm, and is it possible for any guy to have one?

While most research is still inconclusive, there are studies that show men can and do in fact have orgasms from nipple stimulation alone. If you want to try and do this on your own, consider the following steps.

Here is a step by step guide to awakening the nipple 

Step 1. Start by touching your own nipples, or by having your partner touch them. Simple rubbing and pinching are the perfect way to arouse the natural reaction from your nipples that you need to get the process started. If you are doing this alone, start by rubbing one nipple then the other. Going back and forth heightens your awareness and your body’s response to the stimulation.

Step 2. Twirl your finger around the outside of your nipple. This will keep your nipples hard and erect. The harder your nipples become the more sensitive they will be to direction stimulation. If you are with your partner, have them suck, lick, and flick your nipple with their mouth and tongue. The resulting sensation could be enough to get your manhood standing ready for further attention.

download (3)Step 3. Visualize. This can be anything and everything that gets you excited. Whether it is two chicks going down on each other in front of you or having your penis softly kissed and licked, keep things heated by fantasizing if you are trying to reach a nipple orgasm alone. Obviously, this might not be necessary if you are with your partner.


Step 4. Increase the pressure. This is easiest done when you have a partner, but if you’ve reached a point where your manhood is completely erect and ready to go then you won’t really need a partner to help you out. If you do have a partner, then have her clamp onto your nipples for dear life. Your preferences would obviously need to be included, but if you take it upon yourself to let them know what you want then you should be able to reach your nipple orgasm without much effort.

Don’t be alarmed if your orgasm doesn’t happen the first time you experiment with this technique. Just like other sexual nuances, nipple orgasms take time to perfect. Hop on board and dive head first into your first ever nipple orgasm by following the steps outlined above.

Strange Nipple Facts


Royal ceremonies are splendid things to watch. However, if modern monarchies followed the same rituals and traditions as the ancient Irish, the whole affair would have at least a PG-13 rating. To the ancient Celtic inhabitants, the king’s nipples were considered sacred, and they showed their obedience by ritually sucking his nipples during royal ceremonies.

Ancient Ireland wasn’t always such a safe place for a king’s nipples, however. Scientists researching bodies found in Irish bogs have speculated that the ritual mutilation of those nipples are signs that they were high-ranking royals. This is because the king’s nipples were such a big deal that cunning claimants to the throne often devised dastardly schemes to cut off their rivals’ nipples, and when a king conceded defeat in war or his people overthrew him, his nipples were cut off before he was killed.

It was also thought that the king served as the consort of the Celtic fertility goddess, which meant that famine or pestilence were the result of her displeasure with him, necessitating a sacrifice to appease her and bring bounty back to the land. As a result, any time misfortune befell the kingdom, the nipples had to go.

male-nipplesHuman nipples usually grow in pairs, but thanks to some quirks of nature, about 1–5 percent of the population have more than two. The extra nipples that signify a condition called polythelia usually appear along the milk lines of the torso, an evolutionary leftover from our multi-nippled ancestors. But they can also grow on other parts of the body—one woman even had a well-formed nipple, complete with an aureola and nipple hair, growing on her foot. Since most supernumerary nipples are not fully formed, they are often mistaken for moles or warts, which means that some people are not even aware they have them.

During medieval times, extra nipples were called “witches’ teats” or “witches’ marks” and considered to be a sign that the bearer was consorting with diabolical forces. Demonologists of the period believed that an extra nipple was used by witches to suckle imps or their familiars with their blood. Nowadays, there is no longer any negative stigma attached to having extra nipples. Some famous personalities have even admitted to having them in recent years.