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A Question of Sex

What are the differences in sex drive between men and women?   It may seem contrary to popular belief, but in my experience, rather than the man being the predatory sexual hunter and the female playing the role of the passive receiver, it is very often the reverse.    When it comes to the biology […]

Will Women Legitimise Erotic Massage?

Will it be women that drive society to accept sensual massage as a legitimate therapy? Sensual and Erotic Massage has been around for thousands of years and for much of that time seen as healthy, pleasurable and quite normal. From the Ancient Greeks to India and then the Romans, naked massage was the norm. It […]

Gay Masseurs Grow Exponentially

Here is a fascinating commentary about the exponential growth of gay men taking up massage as a serious business. Its not just other gay men who seek out the talents and skills of a gay masseur but also straight men and women. Why? Well apart from the attention to detail that most gay men adhere […]

How To Find A Great Sensual Massage

The Long and often slippery road to finding a good Sensual Massage Massage is for Real Men – It is said that real men don’t cry or wear their heart on their sleeve. Real men are resilient and stoic, that they shun sensuality and intimacy in preference to instant gratifications. It is also said that real […]

I Cum Too Quickly

How can Sensual Massage Help with PE – article by Master Masseur Colin Richards If you are reading this article because the topic applies to you or someone you know, my first recommendation is to STOP thinking of your or their situation as a problem. Yes, cumming before you want to may be frustrating, embarrassing, […]

The Cuckold Massage

Increasingly couples, same sex and opposite sex, are exploring sensual massage. Most are looking to enjoy a massage with their partner and arrange for two masseurs to give them massage simultaneously. As well as simply enjoying a sensual massage with their partner but under the hands of another person some couples will use use the sensual massage […]

What is Sensual Massage?

Sensual Massage or Tantric Massage, whats the difference? Article by Master Masseur Colin Richards A sensual massage is a massage given with a humanistic approach to arousal. It works with the body’s natural arousal processes incorporating them into the whole massage experience. It encourages the receiver to express the feelings and to let go of […]

Winter Blues?

How can Massage help with the blues, winter or otherwise? Perhaps, on the most simplistic level, doing something nice for yourself and taking a break from the humdrum pattern is going to boost your mood and re-energise you. After all, when you have a sensual massage treatment, you have at your disposal someone who gives […]