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Colin – Sensual Masseur for Men, Women and Couples

I am Colin and I have been giving professional massage since 1995. I created Massage 33 in 2005 and have over 8000 hours of massage experience. I am English (180cm and 84kg). I keep my body fit with regular swimming; tennis, skiing and water skiing. As well as being a full time Sensual & Therapeutic Masseur for men, women and couples I also work as a Sexual Performance Mentor and Sexual Relationship Therapist helping clients improve their sexual performance and expand their sexual knowledge to enhance their sensual foreplay skills.

  • I give the 90, 75 or 60 minute sensual massage to men.
  • I give the 90 minute Kama Sutra Massage, 75 minute Relight my Fire and 60 minute Stress Buster massage to women
  • I give 4 Hands Massage male to male & 4 Hands Massage for mf couple to male or female
  • I give Couples Massage
  • I run Sensual Massage Workshops for men, women & couples

What To Expect

I am regarded as an expert in giving sensual massage.  I know exactly how to give a massage that combines the professional strength and techniques  of a therapeutic or sports  massage with slow intimate arousal of the whole body that may lead you to the ultimate crescendo of orgasm and resulting in complete relaxation.

Massage by its nature is an intimate experience and when receiving any form of massage feeling some level arousal is usually inevitable. Consequently, for many the pleasure of taking a massage is often hindered by the worry of causing offence to the therapist by the client becoming visibly aroused. In the sensual massage that I give, arousal is not only acceptable it is encouraged.

I believe that the desire for a human being to want to receive intimate touch is as normal as the need to eat and sleep. After giving literally thousands of treatments I know that when arousal is included within a massage the level of relaxation and sense of fulfilment felt by the receiver is far more profound than with a nonsensual massage.

  • Easy to find central London riverside location in Pimlico, Westminster
  • Private parking available.
  • Discreet and comfortable treatment rooms.
  • Nothing rushed as time is given before and after massage to relax.
  • Shower available before and after the massage.
  • Proper therapeutic massage of muscle and limbs.
  • Gradual intentional sensual arousal.
  • Masseur can be naked.
  • Masseur comfortable with intimate touch while giving massage..
  • Body to body massage included.
  • Reassurance for female clients as able to read a description of the massage and to design their own massage with personal likes and boundaries.

Here are some reasons others have given to have a sensual massage with Colin

  • I have aching or strained muscles and enjoy a firm massage but also enjoy the light sensual touch.
  • I feel in need of intimate touch and to be pampered and cared for without needing to give in return.
  • I am in a good partnership but the intimacy has gone but I need my sensual batteries recharged without challenging my relationship.
  • I am on a personal journey and want to take my own sensuality to another level.
  • I am bisexual and need a safe place in which to experience this part of me.
  • I have a busy life with many responsibilities and I need some ‘me time’ to give over my control and to be cared for intimately.
  • I am historically heterosexual but have become curious to experience the intimate touch of another man and want to experience male to male intimacy within is safe discreet, professional caring comfortable environment.
  • I have sexual performance issues that I want help with understanding and if possible a solution. I.e. lack of orgasm, or delayed orgasm, poor body image, high anxiety causing poor sexual performance, sexual fears and guilt.
  • Discovering Male to Male Intimacy for the first time; I am historically heterosexual but have become curious to experience the intimate touch of another man and want to experience male to male intimacy within is safe discreet, professional caring comfortable environment.

Colin is based in Pimlico in London, UK.

To contact Colin, [click here] to email or call: 07966 522696

To view Colin’s website: [click here]